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Declan Kelly

Born and educated in Ireland, Declan Kelly is one of his country’s most respected and decorated businessmen. From very humble beginnings, he embarked on a career in media, becoming an award-winning journalist before moving into communications. He founded his first public relations business in 1999, disposing of it three years later prior to moving to the US.

As economic envoy to Northern Ireland (appointed by Hillary Clinton when she was secretary of state), Declan was highly praised for the contribution he made to the economy of Northern Ireland. He is best known as co-founder of Teneo, the hugely successful international consulting company headquartered in New York, where he remains CEO and chairman.

Good luck finds those who make the effort, have the right attitude and who are persistent.

Through the sheer volume of your effort, the law of averages will work in your favour. If you cast a line in the water, you might catch a fish. If you cast fifty lines in the water, you are going to catch a fish.

Having a good positive mental attitude is something that saves time, saves energy and it gets you to a place faster than you would otherwise get if you’re just meandering through life without that attitude. It’s your positive attitude that will get you past obstacles, that will help you deal with your failures and mistakes, and that will ultimately help you to reach your goals and succeed.

There is always an inherent conflict between being a parent and being a friend to your kids. As a parent, you have to apply discipline and lay down the law, but if you can be friends with your children at the same time, they will be your friends for life.

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