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Sherry Coutu CBE

Canadian-born Sherry Coutu is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor, and has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs over the years, mostly in technology.

She sits on the boards of numerous companies, including the London Stock Exchange and Raspberry Pi, and chairs Founders4Schools, the Financial Strategy Advisory Group for the University of Cambridge and the ScaleUp Institute (having authored the famous Scale-Up Report for the UK government in 2014). She also supports the Prince’s Trust, the Crick Institute and serves on the Harvard Business School European Advisory Council. Sherry is widely held to be one of the world’s most influential women in technology, and has received a string of accolades and awards over several years recognising her contribution to entrepreneurship, including a CBE in 2013.

Opportunities certainly come to people who are open to them, and that means you have to be out there and willing to put yourself in circulation to receive them.

Whatever you aim for in life, pursue things you genuinely care about! It is really critical that you are engaged only in activities that you find really interesting and worthwhile.

In terms of being successful, I work very hard, and I like working hard and will always try to do my very best at anything I apply myself to. Is that creating luck? I think it is.

Parents should always allow their children to explore and try lots of things. Let them fail so that they can learn from it. Parents should not be fearful that if they fail, they may never get up again. We need to help them to build resilience.

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