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Vin Murria

Born in India, Vin Murria came to the UK with her family when she was just three years old. After helping with the family business while she was still at school, Vin would use this experience as a springboard to an extraordinary career, becoming one of the UK’s most successful female entrepreneurs.

After successfully helping to expand Kewill Systems, the first company she worked for after university, she later went on to create two substantial enterprises: Computer Software Group and then Advanced Computer Software. Vin has a host of awards to her name, including Entrepreneur of the Year at the 2012 AIM Awards and an OBE in 2018. Today, she is a serial investor, sits on numerous boards and advises many large corporations. In 2007 Vin created the PS Foundation, which helps educate young women in India.

Throughout my life, I have lived by the fundamental principle that one should always do the right thing. It’s a very simple value, but in my book it’s a hugely important one. If that sits at the heart of whatever you do, how can you go wrong?

Some people are afraid of failing because of what others may think, so they end up avoiding taking risks. Ironically, that’s far more likely to limit their chances of finding success than failure itself.

While most people have a tendency to automatically say ‘no’ to things that might stretch or challenge them, those of us who prefer to say ‘yes’ to everything will end up enhancing the good fortune we have been given.

When I look back at what my mother did for me, she obviously did something right! She raised her children in a positive way to have great confidence in themselves. She gave us that, and she didn’t hold us back.

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